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Beiruti: [Bey - root - ey]
Adjective Relating to Beirut or its people.
eg: “A beiruti restaurant”

Growing up in Lebanon, I got inspired by the afternoon strolls taken with my brother after school along Bliss Street, Beirut, discovering the wide variety of food that the shops and restaurants had to offer. Through these memories, Beiruti Street Food on the Go transports you on a savory journey to discover the Lebanese culinary heritage, as you watch the streets of Beirut come to life in the heart of Ghent.
Pass by the street to enjoy a colorful display of cold mezze, a selection of salads and appetizers, to accompany with Hummus and Labneh (a lovely combination of cheese and yogurt) from the Fountains. Continue your visit to Teta Kitchen to discover authentic Lebanese dishes as prepared by our grandmother and be tempted by our Mar’ouk light wraps, her favorite slim bread. Last but not least, the smell of baking dough will guide you to the Mana’eesh shop where flatbread is being cooked on stone, topped with your favorite ingredients. You can continue your journey in the Garden to savor your meal, seated in a peaceful outdoor setting, in the middle of the city.
The Restaurant upstairs takes in reservations for a gourmet dining experience, tailored to fit your culinary needs while whisking you away on a beirutian voyage.


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