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Our Philosophy in Beiruti

Updated: Apr 4

With Beiruti, we want to build a new generation of Lebanese Quick Service restaurants and bring the real Lebanese cuisine to Belgium.

Authentic Lebanese dishes, freshly prepared in open kitchens that quickly appear on your table. That is what Beiruti stands for.

You order digitally via an app the menu or dishes of your choice and pay directly online. Our menus are available in different languages with more info about the dishes through pictures and descriptions.

Is it a bit awkward or do you not immediately know what to choose, you can of course contact our hosts and hostesses. Every guest is served with our Policy of Kindness. This will make your visit to Beiruti a real experience. Music, flavors and aromas pair perfectly with real Lebanese street food. With us you will be welcomed with open arms in a minimalist interior with details of Lebanese culture.

Our mission from the start has been to bring the true Lebanese flavors to your table, and that mission will always remain so. When we opened the first Beiruti restaurant, we were fortunate to work with two exceptional people who defined the flavors of Beiruti.

They are both Lebanese, but have two completely different perspectives on cooking and eating. One is a traditional chef of authentic Lebanese cuisine, filled with passion and driven by the happy faces of her guests when tasting her cooking.

The other is a young food scientist who had recently graduated from UGent. Her passion is to dissect food down to its chemical composition. She is structured and ordered, while the chef is artistic and loose in the way she cooked. When they were in the kitchen together it was like an orchestra playing, it was like a dance. Although they were opposites they worked incredibly well together in harmony.

My wife Caroline and I are also opposites in a way. We come from different backgrounds, and together we try to find the common ground of our cultures. Where Beirut and Brussels met, we found Beiruti. Throughout this adventure, we developed a philosophy around our food and service that many of you, our wonderful guests, asked me to share. Herewith!


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